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Hardware (install/upgrade): Ready to purchase a new video card for your PC to play the new high-end games that are about to be released? Do you require additional memory to allow you to run programs with ease? Office Tech Service can order parts and install them for you and also provide information to help you you determine which new accessory or hardware installation is right for you.


Reinstalls/Formating: Attempting to upgrade to the newest operating system or do you just simply want to reformat your machine so it runs just as well as it used to when it first came off of the shelf? No problem! Office Tech Service will help you to achieve this goal with optional choices to your system such as data recovery or software suites.


Data Backup/Recovery: If you need a reinstall for your machine but have vital files on your computer that can not be lost; we guarantee 100% backups of your documents. All pictures, music, videos, work related files, etc. will be restored back to your PC once completed.


Custom Built Systems: Do you want the best gaming PC available or maybe just one that can fit to your budget? Office Tech Service builds custom PC towers for such the occasion. Contact us and give us your price range and what your are looking for. We will work with you to help you create your own dream computer.


Diagnostic/Repair: Do you have either a hardware or a software related issue that you would like solved? (Computer won't start, blue screen of death, overheating, printer problems, image on your screen not optimal, network or internet connectivity errors, hardware media not functioning, freezing, etc.) Office Tech Service has trained and certified technicians to personally evaluate your computer/laptop/printer problem.


Virus/Spyware Removal: Virus or spyware problems? Is your PC/laptop running much slower than it should? Do annoying pop-ups keep appearing for no reason? Do you want your computer/laptop to run faster without the hassle of having to reset the entire operating system and losing all of your installed programs? Office Tech Service removes all viruses and threats from your machine and takes measures to help stop them from coming back. We have many tools at our disposal ready to help aid you in this task.


Computer and Network Troubleshooting: Any problem big or small, Office Tech Service is here to troubleshoot it and give you our opinion on any computer related issue.


Network Design: Are you a part of small business or company who is ready to set up a network infrastructure? Office Tech Service can not only help you set everything up with your network but will also have it running at optimal performance. We also offer our assistance in designing the layout and give our opinion on creating a fast and secure local area network.


Setting up Small Business Servers: Do want a network for your small business with a central location for E-mail, file sharing, or enhanced security? Whatever the reason, Office Tech Service can set up and connect all workstations in your office to a client/server network.


Security: Have reason to believe that a hacker or another threat is infiltrating your machine or network? We can diagnose your PC or other media and make threats a thing of the past.

Regardless of the job, Office Tech Service promises high quality performance.


If you have a problem not listed here, please feel free to contact us and give a brief description of your problem.

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